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Residential Solar Panels

Is switching to renewable energy sources for your business property something you're thinking about? Research the benefits of installing solar panels and commercial solar systems for your company.

Across Australia, more businesses than ever are making the choice to move toward solar energy for their business electric needs. What was once considered a niche solution has quickly risen in popularity for a variety of reasons:

  • Solar energy is renewable, quickly paying back the initial cost in savings over time.
  • Solar is environmentally-friendly – a great option to protect the climate and environment.
  • Solar has become more accessible than ever due to increased policy allowance and advanced technology.
  • Solar energy provides an instantaneous boost to your company’s brand recognition and reputation as a forward-thinking business


We can work with you to create a bespoke payment structure, whether you need credit financing, payment plans, or commercial loans.

Yet, company owners may be reluctant to make the switch to commercial solar panels because of the initial investment required. Total Solar Solutions offers financing alternatives to assist consumers make their solar energy goals a reality.

AU Sun Solar Australia will work with you and your company to create a customised payment structure that will enable you to build and execute your solar system while preserving your budget. This may include credit financing, payment plans, or the process of payment through a commercial loan. To discuss pricing and financing alternatives, get in touch with Total Solar Solutions Australia.

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